Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Feedback from Calgary Teachers

I have had the privilege of presenting my stewardship lesson in over 100 schools.  Helping nurture a bird loving generation is my passion.

"Your presentation was perfect - filled with great photos, personal stories and examples of ways that children can get active about caring for their environment. You held the students' interest and spoke to them so passionately about your experiences both as a child and adult, I know you enthusiasm rubbed off on many." ~Patricia Farley of Coventry Hills School.

Just wanted to say thanks so much for the day...The kids will never forget it. They had so much fun and learned a lot. ~Debbie Briere of West Dalhousie

We were very fortunate to have Andrew come to speak to the students about the importance of birds in our community. His power point presentation about the blue bird and our environment was very informative. The time he has taken to prepare the presentation and the materials for all 42 of our students to participate was incredible. The students were so excited to not only build bird houses, but also rush home and put them up somewhere. They were inspired to make a difference in their world. It was very educational for the students, parents and teachers!
~Laurelle Edmiston of Ecole Sam Livingston School

Andrew is breath of fresh air, an inspiration of the goodness in humankind. He actually cut the wood for all 68 students to make bird houses. ~Arolynn Kitson of Fish Creek School

Andrew! Thanks for coming out to our school every year, going on for over a decade now.  We appreciate your enthusiasm that inspires all our students to care for the birds. ~Melissa Lowther of Ralph McCall School

Andrew! Thanks for an awesome day with my students. You are an inspiration to me and all. For next year, we will begin “OPERATION BLUEBIRD” and have students build 5 birdhouses each.
~Royce Williams of Masters Academy


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