Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The Andrew Stiles’ Build a Birdhouse Project

I have a fun and educational hands on activity for elementary students, ideally Grades 1, 2 and 3. Building functional nesting boxes for wrens, chickadees, bluebirds and swallows is easier than you think. I have all the pre-cut wood, hammers and nails for everyone to build and take home their own birdhouse for only $10 per student. My hope is to instill in young people a love for the natural world.

This is a great afternoon school project, starting with a slideshow (35 minutes) then 1.5 hours for building. I always find the event well received, no matter what the age. Curriculum fits:
Science 1: Needs of Animals and Plants and Building Things
Science 3: Animal Life Cycles and Building with a Variety of Materials

Topics cover in my talk:
How to be a cool Birdwatcher
Who’s who in your feathered neighbourhood
The life cycle of Bluebirds and Swallows
Hammer and Nail basics, plus filing and sawing
How to build and set up your very own functional birdhouse
Daily actions to be an environmental champion

Andrew Stiles
8840 33rd Ave NW
Calgary, Alberta
T3B 1M5
(403) 288-0733


At 8:46 pm , Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Andrew.
This is Miss Foster from Glenbow in Cochrane. We are very excited to have you come out on June 24th. The student's can't wait to see the birdman transform into the weedman. We have been studying what invasive species might be in our area and are ready to pull...
Miss Foster

At 3:09 am , Blogger Unknown said...

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At 3:11 am , Blogger Unknown said...

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At 11:46 am , Blogger Rasam said...

Hi Andrew.. I'm Saravana Moorthy from Calgary. Thanks for the Calgary Public Library daughter attended your class and built this March 11th and got it autographed by you in the Fish Creek Library next week and installed the very same day.. Yesterday she got her first visitor and thrilled.. Today morning so far we have seen the couple 7 times coming and going and made this as a permanent Shelter.. Thanks and we thought of sharing the Album link and Video link too which is below..
Album Link:

Video Link:

Thanks a lot again.. and we salute your services..

At 4:22 am , Blogger Unknown said...

I read your post and this is a good activity for children which is i like most and thanks for sharing your views by this post.
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At 8:05 am , Blogger Unknown said...

Thank you Andrew, we had an awesome day yesterday. The participants were so excited about taking their birdhouses home. One of the wives called me to say that her husband was so happy and so proud to show off the birdhouse he made. The day was a hit with all involved and we really enjoyed the day. loved your presentation, informative and inspirational. thank yu from all of us at Side by Side.

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